Chicago Style Carom Cue

Introducing the Exquisite Chicago Carom Cue: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship!
Key Features:
Forearm: Impeccably crafted with straight grain maple, the Chicago style design offers a sleek and classic look.
Points: Four points made of luxurious ebony gaboon, beautifully complemented by Boubinga arrow inlays on the top.
Handle: Boubinga handle for a comfortable and firm grip, ensuring optimal control over your shots.
Buttsleeve: Ebony gaboon buttsleeve adds a touch of sophistication and completes the cue’s aesthetic appeal.
Ringwork: Dots in B and C positions, enhancing the visual allure of the cue.
Joint Pin: Custom 3/8-11 copper joint pin for a secure and durable connection.
Joint and Buttcap: Juma color ivory joint and buttcap for a stylish and cohesive design.
Performance Enhancements:
Shafts: The cue comes equipped with 2 iQ Infinity carom shafts (11.2mm), providing exceptional accuracy and control.
Tips: Fitted with Monstar Black Medium tips for consistent and reliable performance on the carom table.
Extension: A matching extension is included, allowing you to tailor the cue’s length to your preferences.
Joint Protectors: Matching joint protectors ensure the longevity of your cue by safeguarding against dust and damage.
Finishing Touch:
Car Finish: The cue boasts a sleek car finish that not only enhances its appearance but also provides added durability.
Ceramic Protection: The cue comes with ceramic protection, ensuring resistance against scratches and maintaining its pristine condition.