Carom Masterpiece in Zebrawood

Introducing the Exquisite Carom Cue: A Masterpiece in Zebrawood and Juma Inlays!
Key Features:
Custom 3/8-11 Copper Joint Pin: Experience optimal precision and playability with a custom joint pin that ensures a secure and seamless connection between the parts.
Juma Gem Green Accents: The joint, buttcap, and rings are elegantly detailed with Juma gem green, adding a touch of sophistication to the cue’s design.
Stellar Carbon Shafts (11.8mm): Enjoy enhanced control and accuracy with the included two Stellar carbon shafts, each measuring 11.8mm in diameter.
Monstar Black Medium Tips: Make precise shots effortlessly with the specially selected Monstar black medium tips that complement the cue’s performance.
Matching Extension and Joint Protectors: Keep your cue safe and extend your reach with the matching extension. The set is complete with custom joint protectors for added protection.
Aesthetically Pleasing and Durable:
The cue boasts a car finish and ceramic protection, ensuring not only a stunning appearance but also long-lasting durability. The combination of beauty and resilience makes this cue an investment for serious players who appreciate both style and substance.