Break Gaboon Ebony Blackpin

Exquisite Craftsmanship:
Gaboon ebony forearm and buttsleeve create a sleek and powerful aesthetic.
Enhanced grip with a black elephant print leather wrap, ensuring control with every stroke.
Customized Joints:
Precision is key with a custom 3/8-11 black anodized joint pin.
Alternative ivory super tusk joint and buttcap add a touch of luxury to the design.
Intricate Ringwork:
Unique ringwork featuring alternative ivory super tusk and silver rings in all positions, delivering a visual masterpiece.
Optimized for Performance:
Equipped with an iQ Beast Break Shaft (13.2 mm), providing the power and accuracy needed for the perfect break.
Fitted with a Navigator Break Impact break tip for optimal performance on the table.
Protection and Durability:
Boasting a car finish for a smooth and durable exterior.
Enhanced with ceramic protection, ensuring your cue withstands the test of time.
Complete Set:
Comes with matching joint protectors for added cue preservation and a cohesive look.