The SpectraJump

Introducing the SpectraJump – A Fusion of Style and Precision
Dive into the world of precision with our latest offering, the SpectraJump three-piece jump cue. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this cue is not just a tool but a statement of elegance and performance.
The straight grain maple forearm, stained in a sleek black finish, sets the stage for the perfect balance of sophistication and functionality. Paired with a cocobolo extension, this cue exudes class and durability in every aspect.
What sets the SpectraJump apart from the rest? It’s the custom 3/8-10 green anodised joint pins that steal the spotlight. A striking departure from traditional cues, these pins add a pop of color and innovation, making your cue stand out from the crowd.
But it’s not just about looks – the SpectraJump is engineered for precision. With a cocobolo sleeve joint and black buttcap, every component is meticulously crafted for optimal performance. The alternative ivory super tusk, ebony, and silver dots inlays further enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of this cue.
Equipped with a Stellar jump shaft measuring 13.2mm and featuring a G10 tip, the SpectraJump delivers unparalleled accuracy and control with every shot. And to ensure its longevity, this cue boasts a car finish and ceramic protection, keeping it looking as pristine as the day you first laid eyes on it.