Maiandros Majesty

Introducing the: Maiandros Majesty
Crafted for the Discerning Player, this Pool Cue is an Epitome of Elegance and Performance!
Forearm: Meticulously carved from exquisite Padouk wood, adorned with four high and four low points, ensuring unparalleled precision in every shot.
Recut Curly Maple Points: Four high and four low points, meticulously recut with luxurious Ebony Gaboon, elevating both aesthetics and performance to new heights.
Buttsleeve: Gaboon Ebony Buttsleeve exudes sophistication, while the Elephant Ear Leather Wrap provides optimal grip and comfort for hours of uninterrupted play.
Joint: Engineered with precision, featuring a Juma Black Joint and a custom 3/8-11 Copper Joint Pin for seamless cue action.
Ringwork: Adorned with Maiandros pattern in all positions, showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Inlays: Embellished with Alternative Ivory Super Tusk and Padouk inlays, adding a touch of opulence to every game.
Shafts: Accompanied by two iQ Infinity Shafts (12.6 mm) and one iQ Ferruless Shaft (12.6 mm), all equipped with Kamui Black Medium Tips for precision and control.
Extension and Joint Protectors: Includes a matching extension with Maiandros pattern ringwork, ensuring consistency in style and functionality. Joint protectors ensure the cue’s longevity.
Finish: Boasts a car finish with ceramic protection, ensuring durability and resilience against wear and tear.