Macassar Ebony Break Cue Set

Macassar Ebony Forearm: The cue’s striking Macassar ebony forearm exudes sophistication and sets the stage for an unparalleled playing experience.
Macassar Ebony Buttsleeve: The meticulous design extends to the buttsleeve, seamlessly matching the forearm for a cohesive and visually stunning cue.
Dark Brown Lizard Print Leather Wrap: Enjoy a luxurious grip with the dark brown lizard print leather wrap, adding both comfort and a touch of uniqueness to your playing experience.
Recut Gaboon Ebony Playing Cue: The 16 points recut Gaboon ebony playing cue ensures precision and accuracy, making every break a powerful statement on the table.
Custom 3/8-11 Titanium Joint Pin: The cue features a custom joint pin for a secure and seamless connection between the components, enhancing the overall feel and stability.
Alternative Ivory Super Tusk Joint and Buttcap: Elevate the aesthetics with the alternative ivory super tusk joint and buttcap, showcasing the cue’s attention to detail.
Matching Slotted Ringwork: Adorned with matching slotted ringwork in B and C positions, this cue is a true work of art that catches the eye from every angle.
iQ Beast Break Shaft (13.2mm) and Samsara Break Tip: The included iQ Beast Break Shaft with a 13.2mm diameter and Samsara Break Tip ensures optimal performance for powerful and precise breaks.
Matching Joint Protectors: Safeguard your cue in style with the included matching joint protectors, completing the cohesive look of this exceptional set.
Car Finish and Ceramic Protection: The cue boasts a car finish and ceramic protection, providing durability and protection to ensure that it retains its beauty and performance over time.