Gaboon Ebony and Cocobolo Elegance

Exquisite Custom Pool Cue – Gaboon Ebony and Cocobolo Elegance!
Introducing a truly exceptional custom pool cue crafted with precision and artistry. This masterpiece features a Gaboon ebony forearm adorned with four high points and four low points in rich cocobolo, separated by a single natural veneer for a stunning visual contrast. The Gaboon ebony buttsleeve is elegantly complemented by cocobolo rings and a luxurious lizard leather wrap, ensuring both style and functionality.
The cue is equipped with a custom 3/8-11 copper joint pin, providing a solid connection between the Gaboon ebony forearm and cocobolo sleeve joint. The black buttcap adds a touch of sophistication to the design. The intricate inlays include alternative ivory super tusk, cocobolo, and brass dots, creating a harmonious blend of materials that catches the eye.
This exceptional cue comes complete with two Stellar carbon shafts, each measuring 12.6mm, offering a perfect balance of finesse and power. The Kamui Athlete medium tips provide optimal control and precision during play. Additionally, the cue includes a matching extension and joint protectors, ensuring the longevity of this stunning piece.
The finishing touches on this cue are noteworthy – a car finish adds a sleek and glossy look, while ceramic protection enhances durability, making it not only a work of art but also a reliable and long-lasting companion for your pool endeavors.