Exquisite Ebony Elegance Pool Cue

Dive into the world of precision and sophistication with our meticulously crafted pool cue – a true masterpiece designed for a player who demands both style and performance.
Key Features:
Gaboon Ebony Forearm:
Immerse in the luxurious feel of Gaboon ebony, adorned with four high and four low curly maple recut points, creating a visually stunning and unique aesthetic.
Custom 3/8-11 Copper Joint Pin:
Experience seamless playability with the custom 3/8-11 copper joint pin, ensuring a precise and stable connection between the forearm and butt.
Alternative Ivory Super Tusk Accents:
Choose between the refined copper joint and butt cap or opt for the alternative ivory super tusk for an added touch of opulence.
Veneer Ringwork and Inlays:
Revel in the intricate detailing with slotted veneer ringwork in B and C positions, complemented by alternative ivory super tusk and turquoise inlays that add an extra layer of sophistication.
Elephant Ear Leather Wrap:
Enjoy enhanced grip and comfort with the elephant ear leather wrap, providing a tactile and luxurious feel during every shot.
Dual Shafts:
Elevate your game with both the iQ Infinity shaft and Stellar carbon shaft, each boasting a 12.6mm diameter, offering versatility and precision in your gameplay.
Matching Extension and Joint Protectors:
Complete your ensemble with a matching extension and joint protectors, ensuring your cue is as well-protected as it is stylish.
Car Finish and Ceramic Protection:
Our cue features a high-quality car finish and ceramic protection, not only enhancing its durability but also adding a lustrous sheen that will turn heads in any pool hall.