Casino Macassar Ebony Pool Cue

Elevate your game with our meticulously crafted pool cue featuring a stunning Macassar ebony forearm, seamlessly blending into a Macassar ebony buttsleeve. The rich, luxurious brown lizard print leather wrap provides a comfortable and stylish grip, ensuring you play with both precision and panache.
The wavy stainless steel joint pin adds a touch of modern sophistication, while the alternative ivory super tusk joint and buttcap exude elegance. The buttsleeve is adorned with meticulous inlays of alternative ivory super tusk and juma magma dragon, creating a visual masterpiece that stands out on the pool table.
Enhancing the cue’s aesthetics are the casino chips-style ringwork in the b and c positions, adding a touch of excitement to your game. The cue is equipped with a Stellar carbon shaft measuring 12.4mm, ensuring optimal performance, and a Zan Hybrid Max tip for enhanced accuracy and control.
But the luxury doesn’t end there! This exceptional cue comes with a matching extension and joint protectors, ensuring your investment stays in pristine condition. The car finish and ceramic protection provide durability and a stunning sheen, making this cue a true work of art both in craftsmanship and appearance.