Break Cue – Gaboon Ebony Edition!

Prepare to Break with Authority! Introducing the Break Cue – Gaboon Ebony Edition! Power up your breaks and dominate the table with the Break Cue – Gaboon Ebony Edition! Crafted to deliver unprecedented power and precision, this cue is your ultimate weapon for making thunderous breaks and leaving your opponents stunned. Get ready to take control of the game like never before! Featuring a captivating gaboon ebony forearm, this cue showcases both elegance and strength. The rich, dark woodgrain adds a touch of sophistication, while the gaboon ebony butt sleeve complements the design with its seamless beauty. Wrapped in lizard print leather, the cue offers not only a comfortable grip but also a touch of exotic flair. With a custom titanium pin 3/8-11, this cue ensures a rock-solid connection between the shaft and the butt. Say goodbye to any wiggle or play—this cue provides unmatched stability and control. The Juma color ivory joint and hope style butt cap add a touch of refined craftsmanship, making this cue a true work of art. Prepare to be mesmerized by the intricate inlays of alternative ivory and turquoise. These exquisite details add a pop of color and character to the cue, setting it apart from the ordinary. The combination of ivory and turquoise creates a stunning contrast that catches the eye and exudes confidence. Included with the Break Cue – Gaboon Ebony Edition is the stellar carbon shaft, a true marvel of engineering. Designed to maximize your power and accuracy on the break, this shaft will propel your shots with incredible force, ensuring a commanding presence at the table. Additionally, the matching joint protectors keep your cue safe and secure during transport. With its car finish and ceramic protection, this cue is built to withstand the rigors of intense breaks and provide long-lasting performance. No matter how fierce your breaks are, this cue will remain in pristine condition, ready to deliver game-changing shots. Get ready to break with authority and elevate your game to new heights with the Break Cue – Gaboon Ebony Edition! Embrace the power, precision, and style that this cue offers. Are you ready to make a bold statement and dominate the game? Take the first step towards break cue supremacy and get your hands on this extraordinary cue!