AR1 SpliceMaster

Introducing the “AR1 SpliceMaster”
This full splice pool cue by renowned craftsman Andrew Rounceville showcases unparalleled artistry and precision.
Stunning Amboyna Burl Forearm: Accented with elegant veneers, the forearm is a work of art, displaying the rich and intricate patterns of Amboyna burl wood.
Sophisticated Gaboon Ebony Handle: A touch of class and superior grip, this handle is crafted from premium Gaboon ebony.
Alternative Ivory Super Tusk Joint: Experience smooth and consistent hits with the high-quality super tusk joint.
Rambow Style Buttcap: A nod to classic design, the buttcap adds a timeless appeal to the cue.
Custom 3/8-11 Copper Joint Pin: Ensuring a secure and solid connection for optimal performance.
Stellar Carbon Shaft (12.6 mm): Providing low deflection and superior accuracy, paired with a Kamui Athlete medium tip for exceptional control and feel.
Additional Highlights:
Matching Extension and Joint Protectors: Seamless design and functionality with perfectly matching accessories.
Car Finish and Ceramic Protection: A stunning and durable finish that keeps your cue looking pristine.