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  • Precision Inlays

    turquoise on ebony

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  • Meet the Infinity Shaft

    Power and control like never before

  • Decorative inlays

    Ebony and Sugar tree

  • Sharp point details

    Recut forearm technique

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  • Break Cue...

    Precision, Accuracy, Power !

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  • Fancy Rings

    turquoise inlays

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  • Wooden Joints

    Proprietary tight fit!

A few word about us!
We create custom cues for both the carom and pool game. Our cues meet performance and durability due to the integrity of the structural design and construction. The triptych – materials, design and construction are our ingredients for our successful cue pieces.
Cuemaking is a process that requires knowledge on how to combine woods, metals, synthetics, adhesives, finishes as well as metal and woodworking techniques in order to make a functional cue that meets our customer specifications.

Shaft making is an area where we constantly try to keep innovation high. We offer any kind of build, tapper and joint for your cue shaft. Our current innovative shafts are the “iQ3” and the “iQ Infinity”.
Our goal is that you always feel confident during your game and at the same time you can be both accurate and precise by shooting the ball the same way each time and each time making it with sufficient enough power.
No matter what is your game 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, three cushion, cadre 47/2, 71/2, one cushion… we can fix your grip and your confidence!


What players say about us!

The energy that gives on the cue ball is magnificent. It makes the game more easy and its very easy for everyone to learn it because of the super low deflection shaft. It is the best cue that i have ever played with.

Alex Kazakis2015 European Champion 10-ball, 2016 Kremlin Cup Winner 10-ball, 2018 Euro-Tour(Pongau) Winner

I discovered the perfect cue that I feel confident and secure during the game. My iQ model 120S was built under my specifications especially for the small games of carom billiards 47/2, 71/2, One Cushion.

Nikos GerasimopoulosTwice "One Cushion" French Champion, Winner of several 47/2, 71/2 French Tournaments, World Record Holder

Here is a short list of what we do

Cue Build

Using the finest woods we create cues based on your desired design.

Cue Repair

No matter what the damage, we always find the best way to repair your cue.

Cue refinish

We use the best refinishing methods to make your cue shine like never before.

Tip & ferrule replacement

yes we do like no other!


Any kind of shaft, any kind of joint. Laminated shafts for pool and carom. And of course our innovative shafts iQ3 and Infinity!

Any size

We accomodate oversized requirements for those of you who want longer shafts or cue buts.

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